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If you are selling your business, we probably have an active buyer on our database. If we don’t, we’ll use our channels to try and find you a quality buyer. We are also happy to assist with anonymous business sales should you wish to keep your business sale quiet. Talk to a business broker today. We have business broker specialists for coffee shops for sale, restaurants for sale, cafes for sale, food businesses for sale, barbers for sale, hair dressers for sale, beauty salons for sale, IT and Software businesses for sale and other businesses for sale in Ireland.
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Nikki W

Software & Ecommerce Businesses

Alex B

Retail / Cafes / Restaurants

Paul O’D

Small & Medium Enterprises.
Mergers & Acquisitions.

Martin M

Construction, Hospitality, and Retail Sectors

Becky B

Beauty Industry Businesses.
Hair & Beauty Salons.

Columb O’D

Finance / Fintech Businesses.

Lu L

Mergers & Acquisitions
/ Asian Clients.

Frank K

Commercial Real Estate Sales & Development Sites